For technical assistance with scans, call 1.800.637.8511. For billing inquiries, call 1.800.523.8924.

Honda Diagnostics Video

Instructions for activating scanning device, setting up security permissions, basic scanning, and receiving a scanning invoice.

Get Started

A one-page guide to get CCC Diagnostics working in CCC ONE.

Job Aids Overview

A summary (with links) on the steps needed to activate CCC Diagnostics.

Action Center Vendor Configuration

Configuring new electronic vendors in CCC Estimating.

Reconciling Invoices

Instructions on how to use the Diagnostics Scan Report to help reconcile shop usage against billable amounts.

Antares Capsule WiFi Video

This video provides a short introduction to using WiFi with the Antares Capsule.

Antares Capsule WiFi FAQ

Provides the most common questions regarding using the Antares Capsule with a WiFi connection.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1:
Activating Service

Detailed instructions on how to activate CCC Diagnostics in CCC ONE.

Step 2:
Security Permissions

Detailed instructions to configure users to perform diagnostics scans.

Step 3:
Install Diagnostics App & Device Drivers

How to find and download the CCC Diagnostics App and your scan device drivers.

Step 4:
How to Run/View Scans

Detailed instructions on performing scans and viewing scan reports.

Step 5:
How to View Invoices

Detailed instructions to setup a vendor and view invoices for diagnostic scans.